What is Wood Badge? (Compilation of videos.)

Wood Badge is the premier training for all adult leaders in Scouting. Understanding the basics will help any adult leader appreciate this training. Here are two critical videos about Wood Badge that explains the basics and how after training beads are earned. This is your chance to pull a “Heinz 57” and “Catch-Up” too us.

🎬 Wood Badge is the Highest Level of Adult Scout Leader Training: https://youtu.be/P9OUM97ux4s

🎬 Working Your Ticket If You Can? – Finishing Up Wood Badge: https://youtu.be/4Nxf5C6xyLM

🎬 Wood Bage Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9OUM97ux4s&list=PLlP1tCTA5P8w9QFlFbRYrnJaF0mcXyvfw