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The ScouterStan Podcast weekly online show syndicated by Anchor.FM. Here is a list of the last 10 shows. New shows go up weekly on Wednesdays at around 7 pm (EST). Please send questions directly to or on the YouTube channel

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If you listen to podcasts on your phone with Spotify, here is a scannable code that will take you ScouterStan Podcast Channel.

The ScouterStan Podcast is syndicated online by Anchor.FM. The following is a list of affiliate download locations. You probably have a preferred app or podcast player that you can subscribe to one of these. New shows go up weekly on Wednesdays at around 7 pm (EST). Please send questions directly to or on the YouTube channel

The ScouterStan podcasts are also available for direct download to your Microsoft Outlook RSS. Link the following URL to have them downloaded directly to your email program. This link also works with other programs that read RSS and will feed your application with the show.