The Pressure to Become an Eagle Scout

In June of 2022, one of the most controversial videos on the channel debuted. Entitled “The Eagle Scout Who Did Just the Minimum”. To this day people are viewing this video and it is invoking emotional responses. This video intended to point out the inconsistencies of the expectations that others have about those who have achieved Eagle Scout status. With many thousands of views, it is still one of the most viewed videos on the channel. It’s not a happy video to view and even worse it is based on a true situation. At one point the comments got rather heated and I had to shut it down. Now the comment section has been reactivated and a review of the comments is still needed before posting.

Recently a young scout posted a commentary/question and even though it was intended for adult leaders to view this video it struck a chord with them. I could feel the angst and pressure that this young person was going through in their comment.

Commentary: “I’m a boy scout and am currently trying to figure out if it’s entirely worth still going to scouts I’m currently still going because I want to get eagle so I’m. More likely to get a job or have a higher chance of employment or better work benefits. my point is I personally don’t enjoy or am very interested in scouts because my main goal is get Eagle so I can have hopefully better employment. please reply if you have anything pointing to whether Eagle Scout helps or doesn’t help with employment because I’m on the fence on whether I should keep scouting and until I can find a good reason to quit Scouts I’m still pushing for Eagle Please share your opinion if you have one by replying to this comment Thank you for Reading”

Response: Thank you so much for posting your comments about this video. Please keep in mind that this video is meant to generate thoughtful reflection on the high standards that Eagle Scouts are often compared to. Most of the videos on our channel are specifically for our adult audience although there are many youth subscribers. Everything on this channel is scout-friendly. This video is not meant to denigrate Eagle Scouts in any way. After all, I’m an Eagle Scout too.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is more than just a line item on your resume. It represents a true commitment to the principles and values of Scouting which are found in the Scout Oath and Law. Many Life Scouts do not realize it but the Eagle Scout application is a job application. Being an Eagle Scout is keeping the commitment that is found in our Oath and Law for the rest of our lives. There are benefits to being an Eagle Scout. This shows employers that you have moral commitment and leadership abilities. When it comes down to choosing two identical candidates the Eagle Scout always rises above. Being an Eagle Scout also shows college admissions staff that you are capable of completing tasks and schoolwork on time and will do better than others in most things. On the other hand, Eagle Scouts are held to a higher standard where failures are overly emphasized. It’s a lifelong job of keeping your Oath and Law present in everything you do. It is a huge commitment with rewards and penalties for the rest of your life. I hope this answers your question about the importance of becoming an Eagle Scout.

From your comment, I am curious as to why you “don’t enjoy” Scouting. If there are issues with your Scout Troop, maybe finding a different Troop would be better than quitting. I often think of this as an upgrade. Find a Troop in your area that does exactly what you want to do. That it listens to its scouts and lets the scouts run everything. Think about it and choose a path that you feel is best for you. I wish you all the wisdom in the world at this critical junction of your life. I hope to see you someday on the trail. YIS⚜