Behind The Scenes

What’s in Production on the ScouterStan Channel?

At this time, ScouterStan is just me! [Stan Richards] I’m the producer, researcher, scriptwriter, video crew, performer, editor, graphic designer, media publisher, and head bottle washer. I freely volunteer to do all of this intensive work for you and scouting, because I know in my heart it’s worth it. I know there are some subscribers out there that would like to donate some time to help our ScouterStan community. If you would like to see your name on a video on the channel consider the online list below. This production list comprises some of the concepts I’m working on. Please look it over and if you would like to get involved with the ScouterStan Channel please leave a comment here or on the channel. Thank you for your kind consideration.

The ScouterStan Set

Season 6 is Starting Production in JANUARY?

We film in batches. Each season we split shows into quarters. The first 6 shows will be filmed in late January. If you have suggestions for shows let me know here or on the channel.

  • January 2022, Eps. 1-6 (Editing & Posting)
  • March 2022, Eps. 7-12
  • April 2022, Eps. 13-18
  • May 2022, Eps. 19-24

All video titles or working subjects are subject to change without notice.

Air DateWorking Title
February 2, 2022
Making the Most of Your Time in Scouting
February 9, 2022National Jamboree Collectables from History
February 16, 2022Rejoining the Order of the Arrow
February 23, 2022Recruiting New Scouts into Your Unit
March 2, 2022Adult Recognitions
March 9, 2022Starting Up a New Unit
March 16, 2022The Scouters Role in the Order of the Arrow
March 23, 2022Evaluation of the Council Strip Patches
March 30, 2022Escape the Great INDOORS!
April 6, 2022Den Leader Award Knot
April 13, 2022Professional Scouting
April 20, 2022Don’t Quit, Find a Better Unit
April 27, 2022Scout History 101
May 4, 2022Venturing Basics
May 18, 2022Special Needs Scouting Service
May 11, 2022Negotiations Skills by the Scout Oath & Law
May 25, 2022Order of the Arrow Brothers and their Unit
June 1, 2022Home Schooled Scouting
June 8, 2022Explores Then and Now
June 15, 2022Leave No Trace Ethics
June 22, 2022Order of the Arrow and Unit Camping
June 29, 2022Non-Scout Patches
July 6, 2022 Scouts Who Do just the Minimum
July 13, 2022 Inspiration for Valinter Leaders