I’ve Been Elected to the Order of the Arrow… Now What? Ordeal? 🏹

Congratulations Order of the Arrow candidate! At the last camporee or summer camp, your name was called out and you left the campfire with Order of the Arrow (OA) brothers. This is known as a “Call-Out” or “Tap-Out” and is the result of you being elected into the order. You should receive a small booklet called “Upon a Lofty Journey”. This is the Spirit Of the Arrow (SOA) booklet. You will also get information about the upcoming Ordeal. If you’re at summer camp this could start that night. Otherwise, you should make plans to attend your Ordeal. This is only the beginning of your membership process in the OA. Many brothers take the ordeal and never return to any OA events. You only take your ordeal once. ‘Be Drave Brothers!’ and finish what you have started with our brotherhood. Don’t be a “Sash-n-Dash” or a “Flapper” as some of your brothers may call you.

🌎 The Order of the Arrow Website: https://oa-bsa.org

🌎 Jumpstart for New Arrowmen: http://jumpstart.oa-bsa.org

📄 (In case you lost it or didn’t get one…) Upon a Lofty Journey SOA: http://www.scouterstan.com/storage/OrderoftheArrow-InductionBooklet1-UponaLoftyJourney.pdf

⚠️Correction: At time stamp 7:05 ScouterStan incorrectly stated that you could do your ordeal with another lodge. What he meant to say is that you can do your ordeal with any chapter within the lodge. Sorry, we didn’t catch this until post review.

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