Pandemic Scouting

COVID-19 has been quite challenging this past year. Scouting has met the pandemic head-on worldwide. Scout leaders have had to adapt to a virtual environment to keep Scouts involved. Often the adult leadership has difficulties keeping up with the youth in this regard. For many years to come, we will need to work on safety elements in regards to infectious disease. The β€œHeinz 57” series Is designed to help you get all caught up (ketchup) with critical subjects in scout leadership.

🎬 Special Report on Pandemic Scouting
🎬 Scouting’s New Path… Post-Pandemic?
🌐 Old Fashion Handshake?
🎬 BSA Scouting At Home:
🎬 Scouts get creative during a pandemic:
🎬 Boy Scout troops stay connected amid pandemic:
🎬 Post-Pandemic Summer Camp?
🌐 Guide to Safe Scouting:
🌐 Camp Director Resource Page:
🌐 Scouts BSA National Statement on COVID-19:
πŸ“„ Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist:
πŸ“„ A-B-C Medical Forms PDF:
πŸ“„ Annual Health and Medical Record FAQ – PDF:

⚠️ Important: ScouterStan makes no medical claims in any of these videos. It is recommended that you follow your local health guidelines to determine appropriate safety actions. 

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Camping is one of the most rewarding of all Scouting activities. It can also be challenging in many ways. The next three videos are concentrated around summer & winter camping, and the inevitable homesickness that leaders must deal with. The β€œHeinz 57” series Is designed to help you get all caught up (ketchup) with critical subjects in Scout leadership.

🎬 Summer Camp for Scout Leaders:
🎬 Discovering Winter Camping:
🌐 Humiture Definition:
🌐 Cold Weather Winter Camping:
🌐 BSA Winter Activities:
🎬 How to Deal With Homesickness:
🌐 Scouting Safely & Homesickness:
πŸ“„ Scouting Safely & Homesickness PDF:
🎬 Camping Mode on Your Smartphone? Scouting and your Mobile or Cell Phone:

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Post-Pandemic Summer Camp? (Leaders get ready…)

In the past, the traditional scout summer camp was defined by overnight tent camping, waterfront swimming, and unusual dining hall experiences. Now living in a post-pandemic time we need to think of summer camp differently. As we go phasing back into the world we must keep sanitation safety in mind.

  • If you’re not feeling well you need to stay home.
  • Most camps have paperwork (supplemental risk information) that is required before attending that proves you’re well.
  • Summer Camp requires A-B-C medical forms. (C is required for 72+ hours.)
  • If you’re at camp and not feeling well, put a mask on and report to First Aid.
  • Wash Your Hands (WYH) as often as you can. (6 or more times in 24 hours.)
  • Try to maintain social distance in case someone coughs or sneezes.β€’ Cough and sneeze into your elbow or disposable paper towel and immediately WYH & Face.
  • Avoid touching your face or anyone else.
  • WYH before washing your face.
  • Use hand sanitizer properly if you cant WYH. As soon as you can WYH.
  • Follow all safety instructions of the camp.
  • Use your common sense and don’t panic. There are virtual cames online if you’re not feeling well or just not phased out into real camp yet.

⚜️ Note: Virtual Day Camp is available. The parent should also attend. A virtual Scout Camp is available. (also known as Miret Badge Academies)

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The Blue Card Process or Merit Badges Mania?

All rank advancements beyond First Class Scout require merit badges. Everyone should know the system and the blue card process is a big part of that. Blue Cards or Merit Badge Applications are the documents needed to get merit badges. To start this process the unit leader and Scout should meet and go over the merit badge procedure together. The unit leader and Scout select the merit badge counselor; sign and date the blue card to get it officially started. Remember that the two-deep leadership applies to Merit Badge counselors too. That includes online conferencing, emails, text messaging, etc. Merit Badge counselors must be approved by the council, trained, the proper age, and be YPT certified. On completion of the merit badge, the counselor will sign-off the first two parts and remove the part for their record. The Scout then gives the application part of the blue card to the unit leader or the unit’s advancement team. The Scout should retain the β€œApplicants Record” part of the blue card. Scout Camp and Online Merit Badge Academies may have a different form however the blue card process should be maintained. One of the rumors going around is that Blue Cards are phasing out. As of the date of this filming, it is only a rumor. Eventually, it will become electronic and even moved over to Scoutbook.

🌎 The Merit Badge Program:

πŸ“„ Blue-Card PDF:

πŸ“„ Guide to Safe Scouting:

⚜️ Note: Cub Scout leaders should not skip this video. Even though the blue card process will not apply to Cub Scouts. Most cub scout requirements are in their book and signed off by leaders or parents. However, Cub Scout leaders should know about the process for future reference and interactions with Den Chiefs and other Scouts. Some Cub Scout leaders are also merit badge counselors.

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Thinking Outside The Tent? – Keeping Scouting New & Fresh

If you’re stuck in a rut.. with the same old schedule of campouts. You NEED to change it before your Scouts lose interest. Youth like new and different things even things that don’t work. Adult Scout leaders like reliability and consistency. β€œNews Flash” Scouts BSA is about the youth, not us old things!

Here are some ways to mix things up on the schedule and have fun:

1️⃣ – Put 2 years between campsites. Go to a different summer camp area every other year.

2️⃣ – Always look to do it differently. Look for themed events.

3️⃣ – “When in doubt, throw it out”! Avoid the tendency to use fallbacks or standards.

Always think outside the tent. A good event should never be attempted repeatedly. You know how hard it is to drag Scouts to an old worn-out event… Thay won’t put up with it for long.

⚜️ Note: Your local camp needs your support year-round (including Summer Camp). If they don’t make it different each year then you should tell them. If it is the same old thing after that, then go out of the area and leave the camp as a provisional option.

🌎 Cub Scout Day Camp:

🌎 Scouts BSA Outdoor Program:

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Summertime Scouting – Scouts BSA is Year-round?

A lot of the Cub Scout Packs take the summer off? Nope! Troops have Summer Camp and that’s it? Nope! Scouts mimic the school schedule in many ways. However, the Scouts need to be active over the summer break. This gives them a consistent meeting time to prepare for the upcoming year. Packs will still have at least one meeting a month over the summer. Troops should have weekly meetings throughout the summer.

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Summer Camp for Scout Leaders – Learning and Having Fun

One of the big challenges for adult leaders have at summer camp is finding time for self-improvement. Pack and Den Leaders can help out with Day/Resident camp. This goes a long way in helping your unit overall. Troop Leaders can help out with advancement, quartermaster and campsite/troop health officer (Nears Betty, Sawbones, etc…) Some of the better summer camps will have additional activities and training available.

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