Running a Good Planning Seminar or Meeting

In a Pack, the planning meeting/seminar is usually a subcommittee of adults. In a Troop the planning is done by the youth members, guided by SPL and the Scoutmasters, and approved by the committee. It’s recommended to make this an all-day seminar. With brakes and sack lunch. It could be broken up into several meetings however momentum might be lost. Tell participants to come with new ideas and surgeons. Bring flyers, articles, and an open mind. Don’t forget to bring something to write on. Have the following items at the planning seminar:

  1. School calendars (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools may have different schedules.)
  2. The Council and District calendars
  3. A copy for everyone, of the JTE for your unit
  4. Last few years of your units past calenders

Make an agenda that covers the following:
Planning – Make sure you have some big event or camping every month. Troops decide on a Summer Camp and which month they plan to go.
Membership – Plan out a recruitment effort every month. Put Den Chief training on the calendar.
Program – Meeting should be planned with advancement in mind. Camping is key.
Leadership – Recognize completed training of leaders at COH or Pack meetings.

Most Packs follow the school calendar and take the summer off. Then struggle to restart every year. Planning day events each month will help keep the Pack together. Schedule a time for Day Camp. In a Troop, the planning is done by the youth and approved by the committee. The committee should approve it or send it back for more revisions or details. The committee can make a budget and fundraiser goals can be set.

💲 Budget & Fundraisers – Scouting should never be a burden on the family’s bank accounts. Communications should be published to all parents, leaders, and Scouts. This is Friendly, Courteous, and Kind.

🌐Planning resources for your next Scouting year:
📄 2020 JTE Cub Scouting (Pack):
📄 2020 JTE Scouts BSA (Troop):
📄 2020 JTE Venturing (Crew):
🎬 JTE Find Out What It Means to Me:

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Summertime Scouting – Scouts BSA is Year-round?

A lot of the Cub Scout Packs take the summer off? Nope! Troops have Summer Camp and that’s it? Nope! Scouts mimic the school schedule in many ways. However, the Scouts need to be active over the summer break. This gives them a consistent meeting time to prepare for the upcoming year. Packs will still have at least one meeting a month over the summer. Troops should have weekly meetings throughout the summer.

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