Pandemic Scouting

COVID-19 has been quite challenging this past year. Scouting has met the pandemic head-on worldwide. Scout leaders have had to adapt to a virtual environment to keep Scouts involved. Often the adult leadership has difficulties keeping up with the youth in this regard. For many years to come, we will need to work on safety elements in regards to infectious disease. The β€œHeinz 57” series Is designed to help you get all caught up (ketchup) with critical subjects in scout leadership.

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🎬 Scouting’s New Path… Post-Pandemic?
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🎬 Post-Pandemic Summer Camp?
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⚠️ Important: ScouterStan makes no medical claims in any of these videos. It is recommended that you follow your local health guidelines to determine appropriate safety actions. 

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Post-Pandemic Summer Camp? (Leaders get ready…)

In the past, the traditional scout summer camp was defined by overnight tent camping, waterfront swimming, and unusual dining hall experiences. Now living in a post-pandemic time we need to think of summer camp differently. As we go phasing back into the world we must keep sanitation safety in mind.

  • If you’re not feeling well you need to stay home.
  • Most camps have paperwork (supplemental risk information) that is required before attending that proves you’re well.
  • Summer Camp requires A-B-C medical forms. (C is required for 72+ hours.)
  • If you’re at camp and not feeling well, put a mask on and report to First Aid.
  • Wash Your Hands (WYH) as often as you can. (6 or more times in 24 hours.)
  • Try to maintain social distance in case someone coughs or sneezes.β€’ Cough and sneeze into your elbow or disposable paper towel and immediately WYH & Face.
  • Avoid touching your face or anyone else.
  • WYH before washing your face.
  • Use hand sanitizer properly if you cant WYH. As soon as you can WYH.
  • Follow all safety instructions of the camp.
  • Use your common sense and don’t panic. There are virtual cames online if you’re not feeling well or just not phased out into real camp yet.

⚜️ Note: Virtual Day Camp is available. The parent should also attend. A virtual Scout Camp is available. (also known as Miret Badge Academies)

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Scouting’s New Path… Post-Pandemic?

Welcome to Season 3 of Commissioner Weekly. Season 2 finished filming at the beginning of February. So this is the first time we have been able to address the pandemic. Most of Scouting survived with some needed changes. β€œBE PREPARED” went into action. The meeting became virtual and campout was held in our own living rooms and back yards. World Scouting had its own World Jamboree online. Scouting handled it all pretty well. All parents learned how to REALLY wash their hands from their Cub Scouts. Parents also got a real hart-to-hart talk about β€œWhen your sick, stay home” from their teens.

Things that have changed for the better. We are more aware of how viruses can spread. Today we know to cough and sneeze into our elbows. We should only touch our face when washing it. When you’re feeling ill, stay home. If you get worse, contact a doctor by phone or the internet. Even when you feel well again, you may still need to stay home for some time. What do we do with the old fashion handshake? The β€œelbow bump” is awkward and strange. Is that part of the β€œChicken Dance”? Should this be replaced with a bow? A traditional Indian form of greeting is the AΓ±jali Mudrā gesture or namaste. Currently, we are left with a weird β€œmime” type of wave or worse. I’m in favor of a scout salute when in uniform. This might be perceived as militaristic in nature as we normally only salute the flag. But we all know how to give a scout salute and it can be done at a distance. B-P saluted scouts and scouts saluted him in return. It’s respectful and meaningful.

🌎 Old Fashion Handshake?

🎬 BSA Scouting At Home:

🎬 Scouts get creative during pandemic:

🎬 Boy Scout troops stay connected amid pandemic:

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