Scoutings Founding Fathers and WDB Organizer Square Knot Award

Scouting is blessed with many founders. Many of the ones throughout history are no longer around to sincerely thank for their service. There are leaders within your unit that should be recognized for their service as a new unit organizer or founder. It is our job to find them and thank them. Many times this is Directly your charter organization. They deserve our appreciation and respect. After all, they are the ones that keep your unit going year after year. Scouts should take a moment to thank their parents for supporting them in scouting. Founders can be identified by the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Square Knot Award. All scouts in the original charter of the unit are permitted to wear the founder’s number Patch under their unit number on their uniform.

Scouting’s Founding Fathers:

  • Bebon-Powell: The World Scouting Movement
  • Wiliam Boyce: Boy Scouts of America
  • Ernest Seton: Woodcraft Indians
  • Daniel Beard: Sons of Daniel Boon
  • James West: BSA Profesionales Staff

William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Square Knot Award Requirements:

  1. Organization a new unit.
  2. 10 new youth, 5 adults.
  3. Identify volunteers for organizing a new unit.
  4. Each type of new unit has devices.
  5. Achieve a minimum of the Bronze level for JTE.

🌐 William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Square Knot Award:

🌐 History of the Boy Scouts of America:

📄 Founders of Scouting PDF:

🎬 How Did Scouting Start in America?:

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What is OA? (Compilation of videos.)

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is not a secret society. It is the honor society of the Boy Scouts of America or today’s Scouts BSA. These three videos explain a lot of the mystery without revealing or spoiling the traditions. It observes and preserves the tradition of the order. This video series of “Heinz 57” is intended to help you “Catch-up”. Many new adult leaders are unaware of the organization and traditions within scouting.

🌎 Order of the Arrow Website:

▶ OA YouTube Channel:

🌐 Wiki Link:

🎬 What’s the Order of the Arrow about?

🎬 I’ve Been Elected to the Order of the Arrow… Now What? Ordeal?

🎬 I’m an Ordeal Member… Now What?

I’m an Ordeal Member… Now What? 🏹

Ordeal membership is meant to be temporary. You only do ordeal once! The ordeal is a big thing but not the only thing that Order of the Arrow is about. This is the start of your membership process. In a short time, you will be invited to finish and seal your membership as a Brotherhood. Avoid becoming a “Sash-N-Dash” or a “Flapper”. Giving service back to your unit is the primary concern. OA Rep & OA-ASM are a directly related position within the unit. When should you wair that new ordeal sash? Pocket Flap? Going to OA events? What about fellowships, Conclaves, and NOAC. Attending OA Chapter meetings (often at Roundtable). Getting ready to complete your membership with Brotherhood.

⚜️ Note: ScouterStan uses the term “boys” in this video to identify OA brothers. ScouterStan is old and predates the introduction of girls into the Order of the Arrow. He is working on it and will try to refer to all Boys & Girls as Scouts and OA Brothers. (Everyone in the OA is a “Brother” regardless of gender.)

🌎 The Order of the Arrow Website:

🌎 Jumpstart for New Arrowmen:

📄 (In case you lost it or didn’t get one…) Upon a Lofty Journey SOA:

🎬 I’ve Been Elected to the Order of the Arrow… Now What? Ordeal? 🏹:

🎬 What’s the Order of the Arrow about? 🏹:

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Now Seeing in 2020 – A New Year of Scouting

Happy New Year! 2020 will be a big year for us scout leaders. Sometime in September, we should see the first girl Eagle Scouts. This will be a big event but it should not be treated as a race. Achieving the Eagle rank is serious for anyone, regardless of gender. Membership fees have changed to accommodate additional insurance requirements. The professional staff is implementing a new management program called “Polaris Method”. This will help make Scouting professionals more effective, efficient, and empowered.

🌎 The BSA Polaris Method:

🌎 New JTE 2020 Score Cards:

📄⚕ New 2020 Health Forms:

🎨Thumbnail graphic by Gerhard Gellinger from

⚜️ Note: Please understand that any of the opinions and comments expressed here are not necessarily the policies and opinions of Scouts BSA. ScouterStan presents this information to the adult leaders based on his training and experience. ScouterStan and you should too follow to the best of our understanding of the policies, procedures, and training from the Scouts BSA.

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Scouting Knowledge 🎁 The REAL Gift for Americas Youth

During this vacation time, it would be ideal to check into your scout leader training. Records of your training are attached to your Scouts BSA ID number. Check your training records in your account. If no training is reporting to your account this may be to your personal settings or a duplicate ID number. This can happen if you register with multiple units. If everything matches your ID number and you still see no records, you should call the council office for help. During this Holiday season, it would be a good time to update YPT. This training is good for 2 years but you can update it anytime. Online Training (ScoutingU) should keep records attached to your Scouts BSA ID number. Live/Classroom training should be reported and added to your online profile/account by council advancement. Remember to keep your records in case it gets lost by the instructor or eaten by the family pet. University of Scouting or Pow-Wow is a good place to get non-traditional scout leader training. This type of training is normally not tracked online.


⚜️ Note: Please understand that any of the opinions and comments expressed here are not necessarily the policies and opinions of Scouts BSA. ScouterStan presents this information to the adult leaders based on his training and experience. ScouterStan and you should too follow to the best of our understanding of the policies, procedures, and training from the Scouts BSA.

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Dutch Oven Stuff❓🔥 Cooking in the Great Outdoors with Camping Gadgets

Every Chef has a deep respect for the skillet… Scouters love something much deeper. Dutch ovens! Many Scouters discover that cooking in the great outdoors can be challenging. Gaining some quick knowledge about the Dutch oven will help Scouters set an example. Learn the absolute basics of Dutch oven equipment and gadgets. The Dutch oven can be used for many different cooking methods. Understanding some of the tools can make using a Dutch oven much easier to master. Scout leaders will set a great example when the menu includes incredible dishes that everyone will be envious of.

🎬 Dutch Oven Cooking for Beginners:

🌎 Dutch Oven Stuff on

🌎 Camp Chef Website:

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Discovering Winter Camping

All across the nation scouts are discovering the joys of winter camping. ScouterStan recalls his youth in’s winter camping experiences. Even though ScouterStan lives in Central Florida winter camping is exciting. Similar to summertime camping up North. ScouterStan loves winter camping even though it’s done in the snow. Scout leaders need to be aware of the dangers and have a Plan B to fall back on. Staying dry is the key to keeping warm. ScouterStan discussed humiture and wind chill factors. Winter camping and Klondike derbies can be inspiring to help scouts learn scout-skills and face challenges. Adult leaders need to always be mindful of safety.

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The Patches On The Scout Uniform Tell A Story

The purpose of the uniform is part of the aims and methods of Scouting. The scout uniform shows others the unity of scouting. It shows others you can be trusted. It shows others that you are willing to help at all times. The patches on the uniform tell a story. Informes the viewer of experience, training, and who can help them. Uniforms are to be worn at all meetings and events unless scheduled non-uniform or not an appropriate activity. Not warring the uniform correctly can be misleading and put your trustworthiness in question. The uniform can also be a Troop or Pack t-shirt often refer to as a “Class B” uniform. Class B uniform is an old military term. This protects the regular uniform shirt from unneeded wair. It also keeps your uniform shirt clean and undamaged. Some units use the term “Belt-Up” uniform. This uniform is the same from the belt line up. Scouts BSA policies are written for a full uniform, although this may not be financially possible in some units

⚜️ Note: The “Uniform Inspection Sheet” that ScouterStan referenced in the video is no longer used at this time. The old sheets are listed however we recommend using the Insignia guide for propper reference on patch placement.

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I’m Thankful for Scouting

Thanksgiving is this week and Scout Leaders need to reflect on Things there thankful for. I’m back with a new season of commissioners weekly. We are going to cover a lot of stuff you don’t wont to miss… so subscribe and get other leaders to do it too.

⚠️ Impotent: Last Season we ended each video with a teaser for a knot tying series called Knotty Thoughts. Filming had started and then got delayed do to FTC – COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) concerns. Hopefully, we will have this all worked out by the end of the year. 😬

What Scouting means to me… Scouting is my personal ministry. Scouting is different than any other charity. A souter friend of mine once sed in a speech…“When you get paid to do work, that’s called a job. When you do work without getting paid, it’s called volunteering. When you pay someone and you do the work, it’s called Scouting.” I’m thankful for Scouting in my fothers life, my life and sons life. I’m Thankful for the over 40 Scouts I mentored to Eagle. I’m thankful for the professional staff that dedicates countless hours to America’s children, we call Scouts. I’m thankful for this series of commissioners weekly. I’m thankful for the adult leaders like you, who made it all possible.

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ScouterStan First Season of Commission’s Weekly Review

ScouterStan reviews the first session of the Commission’s Weekly show. ScouterStan has been inspired to continue with a second season, but he needs help knowing what he should cover. Please let him know in the comments of this channel and he will see them, read them and will reply. If the first season was helpful in any way, please let others know about the channel. ScouterStan is planning on improving the video and gets more fun over time. Maybe a real-time chat in the future? 😎

📣 Season 2 starts back up on November 27, 2019

First Session of the Commission’s Weekly:

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