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To say that 2020 had its challenges is a severe understatement. As adult leaders in this Scouting movement, we need to continue to prepare our youth for the challenging future. There are many unforeseen circumstances that we may not be aware of. Scouting is going through trying times and we believe that living up to the Scout Oath and Law will see us through. Charitable contributions to your Council are down nationwide over the previous years. This has a very real effect on the program & staff. One of the forgotten is your Scout Camp. Almost unused this past year because of the pandemic. However, maintenance costs and utility bills are just the same. A charitable contribution at this point would go a long way in preventing a Council from making hard decisions. Also, let’s not forget the professional staff of Scouting and remember them in our Christmas prayers. Let’s not just right off 2020 negatively because a lot of great things happened in the year. Scouting was finally pushed into the 21st century with the introduction of Girl Troops and Online/Virtual Scouting. I firmly believe that Scouting must evolve or go extinct. If you think about it scouting has gone through many changes over time and has always been there for young people. Let us never forget the core values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Scouting is a Safe Place to Fail?

The primary goal with all Scout leaders is Safety. We as adult leaders need to understand that sometimes we learn more by failing. A Senior Patrol Leader may not have a meeting planned out to the Scoutmasters’ satisfaction or liking. That doesn’t give the Scoutmaster license to take over the meeting. Scouting is a “highly organized chaos” at times. When the meeting ends the Scoutmaster should ask the Senior Patrol Leader open-ended questions like; What would have made the meeting better? What resources would prevent the meeting from failing? What are you planning for the next meeting? Cub Scout leaders have a plan for every meeting. Some time things go wrong. Often it becomes a fond memory of the good times. You know… Cub Master β€œShrek” at the Halloween Pack meeting.

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⚜️ Note: Cub Scout leaders need to use Scoutbook for guidance on leading meetings.

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Summer Camp for Scout Leaders – Learning and Having Fun

One of the big challenges for adult leaders have at summer camp is finding time for self-improvement. Pack and Den Leaders can help out with Day/Resident camp. This goes a long way in helping your unit overall. Troop Leaders can help out with advancement, quartermaster and campsite/troop health officer (Nears Betty, Sawbones, etc…) Some of the better summer camps will have additional activities and training available.

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