Keep Up the Good Work!

The ScouterStan YouTube channel is very close to getting 3,000 subscribers this November.  I remember how difficult it was back in 2020 when we got to the 1K level. Today our channel is ranked 5,783,708th out of 31,073,844 channels on YouTube (LOL). That puts it in the top 19% of channels overall. The watch time is amazing at 18,435 hours, that’s over 1 million minutes or 2 years of constant viewing. It’s all incredible like you. But I need your input. “IF” we are going to have Season 8 in 2023, I need your help. Normally by this point, I would have the season of subjects defined and start the research and scripting. As of right now, I have 10 out of 24. I know that a lot of you have questions and don’t say anything. Did you know if you have a question others have them too? Theirs no way we have covered everything in just 7 seasons. Some videos need a part 2 (or 3).

Subjects could include, uniforms for different scout units. Patches in history or more OA stuff. History of Sea or Air Scouts (lots of research needed). Remember the “Show & Tell” from grade school, maybe we can bring that back on the ScouterStan channel. Training that no one covers and everyone needs? Maybe a type of game show or even interviews with other Scouters. Although interviews are hard to set up and become dated rather quickly. Most of the 200+ videos on the channel are evergreen content. Most of all and importantly, I need your input. As it stands now 2023 Season 8 will be short.

Contact me by leaving a message on any video on the channel or by email at

Thanks for the help, and I hope to see YOU on the trail.