Magnetic Sun Flare Disrupts the ScouterStan Live Show

On September 4th around 9 PM Eastern Time, a category 6 Kp index magnetic storm hit the atmosphere above North America. Most of the magnetic charge was dissipated within the atmosphere however a few trillion radical ions dispersed across the electrical systems throughout North America. Most people had no idea that this had happened. Maybe a slight glitch in a streaming video that was quickly recovered. However, ScouterStan like everyone else was totally unaware and preparing to do a live broadcast on YouTube. When the broadcast began it is believed that a radical ion disrupted the encoded key to a live broadcast. Unaware of this had occurred he proceeded with the broadcast as his system had already started and was confirming the connection.

The software on his end told him it was going online and connected to YouTube. Somehow the link was lost 2 seconds in, due to this sun flare anomaly. ScouterStan proceeded with the broadcast for over 30 minutes until getting notice on the chatroom that was still connected, that something was not working. The next day he was amazed that the live broadcast was not closed out. Curious to test things out he set everything up and hit the broadcast live button and everything worked just perfectly. All of a sudden he had 7 viewers in the chatroom. ScouterStan was just testing things out and didn’t even set up the video camera. He went ahead and answered questions and wrapped it up. YouTube saved it as the September Live meeting and it’s online now.

Not surprisingly the YouTube encryption keys are extremely delicate and long. Ranging anywhere from 20 to 40 characters and using just about every ASCII alt key. It wouldn’t take much for them to get disrupted one digit out of place could cause the whole thing to lock up. It’s our hope that the electrical and communication grids will get better shielding over time. Unfortunately, we have to plan for things like this in the future. ScouterStan says that if he had someone monitoring on the other end he would have just reestablished the connection and there wouldn’t have been a disruption for long. It’s a good thing that it was just a live show that got disrupted. It would be worse if it was something important like turning on a pacemaker or launch codes. Something to think about.