The NEW Website?

It is so nice to be back online. Over the past few months, we had a server issue that we have finally resolved. Now that we are up and running again we plan to start the podcast and website synchronization soon. Thank you for all your advice and kind words in hoping that we get the issue resolved. We are going to be making some changes to the look and feel and some of its content. It is extremely difficult as an individual to be the Webmaster in addition to everything else. Quite literally I need to clear some space so that I can continue producing the videos and publishing the podcast and getting things up to date on the site.

Scouting has to go through some changes that we need to be prepared for. I hope that this site will start to be a source of information and thoughts about what is going on. I am also starting a new emailing list with MailChimp. Not to worry I don’t plan on putting out a ton of emails every day and you can always unsubscribe if it becomes a nuisance. Email doesn’t seem to be an effective way of emergency communications however it is a good way to stay informed.

Thank you for your continued support of the ScouterStan website YouTube channel and podcast. We are always looking for volunteers and donations. If you could help us, it will be greatly appreciated. See you on the trail…