Order of the Arrow, After Brotherhood What’s Next?

Now that the ties of Brotherhood are upon you, what’s next?
• Get into your chapter/lodge activity weekends!
Inductions Weekend – In the South, this is done during the winter. Up North, it may be done in warmer times of the year, including at Summer Camp.
Spring Conclave – Let’s have fun.
Service Weekend – Let’s help camp get ready for summer and have fun doing it.
Fall Fellowship – Let’s have fun.
Section Conference – A group of lodges in your area having fun.
NOAC – All the lodges in the nation having fun.
• Work with your Troops/Crew OA Representative.
• Find a place to help out in your chapter.
Ceremonies Team – Lots of ceremonies to perform. Principals, regalia, etc.
Drum Team – Keep the beat and feel the spirit. Drummers, Dancers, etc.
✔ Spirit Team – Always need help with planning upcoming events.
Elections Team – Helping others to look for their arrow.
Leadership Team – Lots of positions to fill. Chapter Chief, Assistant CC, Treasurer, Historian, Elingomats, etc.
• Adults brothers can help give leadership to the chapter and lodge teams. Typically if you are not the chapter advisor you’re an associate advisor of some capacity.
• Youth brothers in the spirit of the OA should strive to achieve the highest scouting rank.
• Remember Troop/Crew service comes before Chapter or Lodge.

⚠️ Fact Checked: There was no NOAC in 2010 there was a National Jamboree. There was a NOAC in 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018 which messed up the scheduled “four-year” scheme. The 2020 NOAC was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

🌐 BSA National OA Website: https://oa-bsa.org/
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