Thank you for 1000 Subscribers – 1K? WOW! I mean really…?

There are 31,000,000 YouTube Channels and only 76,179* have more than 1K Subscribers. That represents about 0.2457% of channels on YouTube. 2,000 channels have more than 1 Million Subscribers.


*ScouterStan stated in the video “67,179”. According to posting research, this is 10K less of the actual reported numbers today, but the percentage was correct with the newly adjusted amount.

It’s hard to think in numbers like this until you consider:

◼ A large Pack or Troop of 100 individuals. Scouts, Scouters, and parents. A big Blue & Gold, a Troop Court of Honor.

◼ Now times that by 10…  University of Scouting numbers. This is OUR accomplishment. Our community here on YouTube has accomplished:

🎯 1K Subscriber making us an “Opel Level Channel”
🎯 Over ¼ of million total video views on the channel
🎯 With only 100 uploads published on the channel
🎯 1 year of total watched time on the channel
🎯 Hundreds of comments and with over 1,500 Likes
🎯 Slow, health growth of just over 3% monthly

We started on this journey back on March 12, 2011, that’s almost 10 years ago. ScouterStan has committed to another season of Commissioner Weekly. 4th Season – has already started the production process. We are looking at a re-due of the “Knotty Thoughts” series. That will be more for adult leader instruction and FTC – COPPA compliant. “Hines 57” is back in December… And more…

The NEW Community Tab on the channel is now open for subscribers to use. I’ve already put up a survey about Season 4 of CW. This is our channel and you are a part of our journey. Thank you, and I’ll see ya on the trail.

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