Unit Fundraising – 3 Types of Scout Fundraising πŸ’² Money, Dollars, Bucks, Cash, Moo-La!

Scouting cannot happen without fundraising. All too often parents tend to be relied on for funding their youth through the program. The scout should be allowed to do fundraising for their own program. This teaches valuable life lessons that the youth should not rely 100% on family funding. This also gives the scout opportunity to learn the meaning of thrifty and helpful. This video is intended to explain the different types of fundraising opportunities in scouting.

There are three types of Scout unit fundraisers:
1. Council Sponsored – Popcorn, Camp Cards, etc. (Paperwork is covered.)

  • The Council fronts the money for the fundraising campaigns.
  • Three-way split of sales. The Scout/Unit, Council, and Vendor.
2. Unit Sponsored – Chocolate/BeefSticks, Christmas Trees, etc. (Paperwork & approvals required.)
  • The unit fronts all upfront costs.
  • Two-way split of all sales. The Scout/Unit, and Vendor.
3. Scout Sponsored – Car Wash, Can Drives, Donations, etc. (Paperwork & approvals required.)
  • The Scout fronts all the cost.
  • The Scout receives all proceeds for the project or program.

πŸ¦… Eagle projects are often scout sponsored. Some family donations, sponsorships, and grants often will need approval and time. Make sure you get the okay before receiving or spending any donation money. Eagle projects may not be only a fundraiser, even if it is for a worthy charity (GTA

⚜️ Note: All fundraisers for projects or programs most of the time need some kind of approval. Fundraising can cause a lot of difficulties if you don’t do it correctly. Leaders need to consider getting some type of approval before starting a campaign. Asking for forgiveness later, may not be an option. No matter how the funds are collected, all funds & donations must go to the project, project recipient, or unit program.

🌎 Read this list of do’s and don’ts before your next unit fundraiser: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/02/02/unit-fundraising-dos-and-donts/
🌎 BSA offers guidance on individual Scout accounts: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/12/03/individual-scout-accounts/
πŸ“„ Unit Money Earning Application PDF: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf
πŸ“„ Link to the Eagle Scout service project workbook PDF: https://www.scouting.org/programs/boy-scouts/advancement-and-awards/eagle-scout-workbook/

⚠️ Important: ScouterStan is not a lawyer or an accountant. If you have questions please consult a professional for advice. You probably have or know someone in your unit That can provide more information. This information is just the basics and presented here to help us move forward. It’s not intended in any way to be an endorsement or any kind of legal advice.

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