Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader – Scouter’s Training Award

There are only 7 requirements for this award. Most Scouters have completed it after two years in a unit. Filling out the paperwork and submitting it tends to be the hardest part.

  • Tenure
    • Complete at least two years of tenure as a registered adult leader in your unit.
  • Training
    • Complete basic training for your leader position.
    • Attend a University of Scouting (or equivalent), or attend at least four Roundtable’s (or equivalent) during each year of the tenure used for this award.
  • Performance
    • Participate in an annual unit planning meeting in each year.
    • Serve as an adult leader in a unit that achieves at least the Bronze level of Journey to Excellence each year.
    • Give primary leadership in meeting at least one unit Journey to Excellence objective in each year.
    • Participate in at least one additional supplemental or advanced training event at the council, area, region, or national level during the two years. [ WOOD BADGE ← Flashing RED Text ]

⚜️ Note: Remember to make coppices before submitting it. (Use your mobile phone.)

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