Thinking Outside The Tent? – Keeping Scouting New & Fresh

If you’re stuck in a rut.. with the same old schedule of campouts. You NEED to change it before your Scouts lose interest. Youth like new and different things even things that don’t work. Adult Scout leaders like reliability and consistency. “News Flash” Scouts BSA is about the youth, not us old things!

Here are some ways to mix things up on the schedule and have fun:

1️⃣ – Put 2 years between campsites. Go to a different summer camp area every other year.

2️⃣ – Always look to do it differently. Look for themed events.

3️⃣ – “When in doubt, throw it out”! Avoid the tendency to use fallbacks or standards.

Always think outside the tent. A good event should never be attempted repeatedly. You know how hard it is to drag Scouts to an old worn-out event… Thay won’t put up with it for long.

⚜️ Note: Your local camp needs your support year-round (including Summer Camp). If they don’t make it different each year then you should tell them. If it is the same old thing after that, then go out of the area and leave the camp as a provisional option.

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