I’m an Ordeal Member… Now What? 🏹

Ordeal membership is meant to be temporary. You only do ordeal once! The ordeal is a big thing but not the only thing that Order of the Arrow is about. This is the start of your membership process. In a short time, you will be invited to finish and seal your membership as a Brotherhood. Avoid becoming a “Sash-N-Dash” or a “Flapper”. Giving service back to your unit is the primary concern. OA Rep & OA-ASM are a directly related position within the unit. When should you wair that new ordeal sash? Pocket Flap? Going to OA events? What about fellowships, Conclaves, and NOAC. Attending OA Chapter meetings (often at Roundtable). Getting ready to complete your membership with Brotherhood.

⚜️ Note: ScouterStan uses the term “boys” in this video to identify OA brothers. ScouterStan is old and predates the introduction of girls into the Order of the Arrow. He is working on it and will try to refer to all Boys & Girls as Scouts and OA Brothers. (Everyone in the OA is a “Brother” regardless of gender.)

🌎 The Order of the Arrow Website: https://oa-bsa.org

🌎 Jumpstart for New Arrowmen: http://jumpstart.oa-bsa.org

📄 (In case you lost it or didn’t get one…) Upon a Lofty Journey SOA: http://www.scouterstan.com/storage/OrderoftheArrow-InductionBooklet1-UponaLoftyJourney.pdf

🎬 I’ve Been Elected to the Order of the Arrow… Now What? Ordeal? 🏹: https://youtu.be/U1SEax7-51k

🎬 What’s the Order of the Arrow about? 🏹: https://youtu.be/rK3dULQ-vFM

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