Requirement Sign-off for Troops & Packs – What is an Instructor?

In a Pack, the sign-off responsibilities are delegated to the adult Den leadership and parents. In a Troop, this may be delegated to senior (First Class rank or higher) youth with adult leadership oversight. This position of the Instructor in a troop is part of the youth leadership corps. Each unit has its own protocol. The following recommendations of what ScouterStan has seen that works.

The Troop Youth Instructor Recommendations:

  • Star Rank or higher
  • Maturity as determined by the Scoutmaster team
  • ILST/NYLT trained
  • Scoutmaster Approval & Appointment to Troop Instructor

The Troop Instructor teaches Scout Skills using the EDGE method. The youth can also sign-off on non-adult leader requirements up to First Clase rank. The Scoutmaster should make it clear to youth instructors that they only sign-off on skills they have taught or witnessed. No backdating.

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