Who Was Baden-Powell? & How B-P Changed the World!

The history of B-P is naturally lengthy in detail. Knowing the brief history will help you gain insight as to the foundations of Scouting. Over 160 years ago on February 22nd (1857) Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was born at home in London. His mother Henrietta Gace Powell and his father Professor Baden Powell an Oxford clergyman and academic lived in the Paddington area. By the time he was 8 years old, ‘Robert’ or ‘Stevie’ (Moms’ preferred name) wrote: “Laws for me when I am old”. B-P Loved nature and the outdoors. He was a pretty good artist and a resourceful student.

On September 11, 1876, B-P received his army commission. Deployed with 13th Hussars in northern India. For the next 20 years, he was deployed all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. Germany, France, and Russia where he was spying for Great Britain. He developed Reconnaissance and Scouting training for the military. In October of 1899, B-P was deployed with 1000 troops in the 2nd Anglo-Boer War (South African War) in South Africa. Stationed at Mafeking with 18,000 enemy Duch troops surrounding it. While at Mafeking the book “Aids to Scouting for NCOs & Men” was published back in Great Britain. A “Cadet Corp” was formed from boys over 9 years. This developed into the “Patrol System”. Mafeking was under siege for 217 days without relief. B-P became a hero and promoted to Major-General. Returning home a few years later he was surprised that “Boys’ Brigades” had formed based on his book. The Brownsea Island Camp Experiment started on August 1, 1907. 20 Boys with 8 Adults, 4 Patrols over 8 days. The rest of 1907 “Scouting Scheme,” wrote the Scout Law, the ‘Crusade’ lecture tour. In 1908 Scouting for Boys was published (6 issues at 2 pence each)…

As adult leaders in the largest youth movement in the world, we need to do some homework to fill out the rest of the Scouting story. Here is a timeline of events that were not covered in the video.

  • 1909 The National Headquarters was set up in London, just ½ mile south of Buckingham Palace.
  • 1909-1910 King Edward VII asked B-P to leave the army and do Scouting fulltime.
  • 1910 The Boy Scouts of America became incorporated.
  • 1912 B-P got married to Olave.
  • 1912 King George V granted a Royal Charter to Scouting.
  • 1914 The “Great War” started (First World War) Scouting helped the home front.
  • 1916 Wolf Cubs started in England (known as Cub Scouts in the US in 1930).
  • 1919 Gilwell Park was established (12 miles northeast of Buckingham Palace).
  • 1920 First World Jamboree (3 miles west of Buckingham Palace).
  • 1929 King George V conferred the title of ‘Lord of Gilwell’ on B-P
  • 1932 Lord Somers appointed Chief Commissioner.
  • 1937 World Jamboree (Netherlands) B-P gave the famous farewell speech.
  • 1938 Moved to Nyeri Kenya for health reasons.
  • 1939 B-P nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize along with others, including Hitler. The scandal led to no one being awarded that year.
  • January 8, 1941 B-P Pasted away and was laid to rest at St Peter’s Churchyard.
  • 1941 Lord Somers became ‘Chief Scout of the British Empire’. Only B-P was the ‘Chief Scout of the World’.

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