ScouterStan Is On Vacation?

At the sound of the tone please leave a message. BEEEEP! … Stan, I know you’re there… I can hear you breathing… STAN! Okay…Okaaay,… I get it! You are doing that “family thing”… Okay, it’s cool… Just remember you are committed to doing a second season… Right?   Hey, I can hear you giggling on the line… Alright, I’m going to hang up now… … … STAN!? 

Commissioner Weekly Series 2 Starts up November 27, 2019

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Thank you for taking the time today to check out the ScouterStan channel. I hope to cover the topics you need to become a great scout leader. The scouting program needs good leaders like you to succeed. The ScouterStan community here on YouTube is governed by the Scout Oath & Law. Feel free to add your comments and question in any video. If you need any immediate help or advice, please contact your local commissioner staff.

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