What is Wood Badge? (Compilation of videos.)

Wood Badge is the premier training for all adult leaders in Scouting. Understanding the basics will help any adult leader appreciate this training. Here are two critical videos about Wood Badge that explains the basics and how after training beads are earned. This is your chance to pull a “Heinz 57” and “Catch-Up” too us.

🎬 Wood Badge is the Highest Level of Adult Scout Leader Training: https://youtu.be/P9OUM97ux4s

🎬 Working Your Ticket If You Can? – Finishing Up Wood Badge: https://youtu.be/4Nxf5C6xyLM

🎬 Wood Bage Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9OUM97ux4s&list=PLlP1tCTA5P8w9QFlFbRYrnJaF0mcXyvfw

What is Scouting? (Compilation of videos.)

Scouting is the world’s best hope for training youth to become productive leaders. For such an important organization it’s not understood widely. ScouterStan Has put together 3 videos that explain the origins and history of scouting. This is a good place to start finding out more information about scouting. This video is the first in a compilation series called “Heinz 57”… so you can “Catch-Up”.

🎬 How Did Scouting Start in America? https://youtu.be/mpyqSZFA8Hs

🎬 Who Was Baden-Powell? & How B-P Changed the World! https://youtu.be/OY9pv8iF4wg

🎬 Who Created The Scout Law? – Ernest Seton or Robert Baden-Powell? https://youtu.be/dqaKrXDnXSo

Special Report on Pandemic Scouting

Season 2 ended filming Mid-February. Just as the pandemic lockdown started. A Scout is Obedient. Fallowing federal and state guidelines it’s our duty to scouts and our communities. (Be the example, not the exception…) We must work together (?) on curbing this pandemic independently. Use social distancing technology. Scouting Went Virtual:

  • First World Jamboree JOTI
  • Your Scout Meetings
  • Merit Badge University (YPT & Buddy System)
  • Campouts at home with online campfire
  • Day Camp & Summer Camp

Troop and Pack Committee need to have online meetings:

  • 🔑 Make sure to get your Unit Commissioner, Dist. Commissioner or DE and as many parents as you can attend.
  • 🔑 Start planning for a post-pandemic return to Scouting.
    • Den Leaders – Should have a meeting with their parents going over the requirements.
    • Scoutmasters – Should have an online meeting with all “Scout-Facing” leaders and parents.
  • 🔑 Talk about how to do MB online.
  • 🔑 Scoutmaster Conferences and BOR’s online.

⚠️ Important: Two deep YPT applies to everything online, email, texting, and phone calls.

🌎 National Statement on COVID-19: https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/🎬 World Scouting Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WorldScouting 🎬 World Scouting JOTI Live Show 1 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKrzNzmZtDk&list=PLyXFqYL0H2ENQvUIhnThaDhgV_CJAGO5Z

ScouterStan Podcast on Anchor

Honoring Others, Is a Scout Thing To Do.

In scouting, we promise in our oath to help other people at all times. Honoring our nation’s armed services is important in building strong citizenship. Honoring all that helped out in the CoVid19 pandemic is important too. The nation and Scouts BSA is grateful and honors everyone who has embraced the “help others” spirit.

🌎A Facebook Favor, a Memorial Day Honor: https://www.scouting.org/cubhub/a-facebook-favor-a-memorial-day-honor/🌎 5 Things to do with your Cub Scouts on Memorial Day: https://www.scouting.org/cubhub/5-things-to-do-with-your-cub-scouts-on-memorial-day/

⚜️ Note: ScouterStan is on a break until Season 3 starts back up on June 3, 2020. He will be checking in on the community and will be available during the break.

🎬 Using the ScouterStan Community on this YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/LW_ZtrdQSsQ

ScouterStan Podcast on Anchor