We Can Work it out! A commissioner can help!

Sometimes adult leaders have difficulties with other leaders. your unit commissioner can help work out difficulties and help relations be more scout-like. Often the dispute is about incorrect views of how scouting is designed to work. Your commissioner can help re-establish vision and goal setting.

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Leadership Anxiety? 😱

Adult leaders are faced with many challenges. One of the biggest Fears for adults is public speaking. ScouterStan explores concerns that Adult leaders have about pack/troop meeting presentations. A scout is brave … but not fearless. Discover Some pointers and secrets of public speaking and unit meetings.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in. 

Greek Proverb
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SIGNS UP! (ScouterStan only hears… SHUT UP!)

The Scout Sign is a common feature of any scout meeting. It demands our respect as it is a living symbol of our commitment to the Scout Oath & Law. This cherished symbol is also used to respectively and courteously quiets the room. Unfortunately, some scout leaders don’t wait for all the scouts to stop talking and scream out β€œSigns Up!” That defeats the whole point of quitting the room with the Scout Sign. Otherwise when you say β€œSigns Up” everyone just hears β€œShut Up”.

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ScouterStan New Series YouTube & Podcast

Just started a new weekly series called Commissioners Weekly on YouTube and as a Podcast. Each show is published on Wednesdays at 7 pm (est).

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Scout Leaders minute, moment, or epiphany? Giving scouts something to take with them.

Every scout leader should always be prepared with a quick one-minute story for the end of any meeting or campfire. This story can help illustrate a point or give a reflection on a scouting value. ScouterStan has one you can use tonight. Here are some good ones out on the net.

Top 3 Reference for Scoutmaster Minutes:

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